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The blue non contact voltage tester Volt Stick LV50 is sensitive is sensitive down to just 50v AC allowing for instant - and potentially life-saving - identification of spurious / unexpected live voltages in materials, devices or workspaces.

Used in a wide variety of hazardous and potentially explosive atmospheres - such as gas and petrochemical applications - the LV50 is both ATEX and IECEx approved to be intrinsically-safe.


  • ATEX and IECEx approved voltage indicator for use in explosive atmospheres

  • Voltage indicator with safety handguard to avoid unintentional contact with live conductors

  • Voltage range 50 ~ 1000v AC

  • Fully insulated for safe use

  • Fully approved to IECEX 61010-1, CATIII 1000v AC

  • CE approved

  • Sensitivity- Indicator will illuminate at 4mm distance of a 2.5m conductor carrying 50v
  • Response time- Immediate
  • Intrinsically safe- Yes
  • Power Requirements- 2 x Standard AAA alkaline batteries (supplier)
  • Relative humidity- 80% @ 30 degrees celsius, 50% @ 40 degrees celsius 
  • Operating temperature- -20 ~ +50 degrees celsius
  • Overvoltage- CAT111 1000v AC 
  • Dimensions- 145(L) x 18 mm
  • Weight(net)- 0.04kg
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