MPO Cleanstixx Cleaning Stick

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The XMT fiber cleaning swabs from Sticklers™ are the industry’s best and least expensive MPO connector cleaner. These large, flat, clean swabs are ideal for connectors with large, flat connector configurations, such as MTP, MPO, OptiTap drops and multiports, MT38999, MTRJ, QSFP+ and other MT based transceivers. They also are suitable for most MT based backplane connector systems. Sticklers™ fibre swabs will get fibre networks running faster and more reliably than any other technology on the market today.

Sticklers™ CleanStixx™ fibre optic cleaning swabs offer consistent, speedy, reliable and inexpensive cleaning. The patented high-purity tips mechanically scrub the end-face and allow network to run faster and more reliably.

  • A high purity, lint free, precision “swab” for cleaning fibre optic end-faces 
  • Moulded fibrous tip outperforms foam or cloth nibs
  • Ultra clean construction – does not contain fabric, foam, glue or particulate 
  • Cleans the entire end-face, not just the contact area
  • 50 swabs per box (10 swabs in 5 self-sealing bags)
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